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Re: Mixed purpose button bars


From: Jeff Gutsell
Date: Oct 31, 2018 9:18AM

Thanks Andre and Glenn.

I think I was overly focused on the two buttons that seemed like navigation
that may need "role -= navigation" in a parent wrapper.
With your tips, this should be a routine implementation.

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Hello Jeff,
I'd add those as buttons wrapped in a <div> or a <section> with
role set to

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Subject: [WebAIM] Mixed purpose button bars

Hi all,

This relates to a possible upcoming project - nothing for which I current
have code examples:

I may create an online help system with a button bar that does the

. Display a contents page

. Go back in the history

. Go forward in the history

. Enlarge the font size

. Print the page

. Close the window

Obviously, this is a mix of navigation and other functions. How should
semantic elements/roles be used in such a case?



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