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Re: Is generated content reliably read by screen readers today?


From: Steve Green
Date: Nov 23, 2018 5:58AM

I have never liked the concept of CSS-generated content and I never use or recommend it, but I guess I'm in the minority because developers love it and there doesn't seem to be much push-back from the accessibility community.

Strictly speaking, it's not a WCAG non-compliance because CSS is an accessibility-supported technology. However, it's not going to work for some people, so it depends if you are satisfied with being WCAG-compliant or if you are aiming for a higher level of real-world accessibility.

CSS-generated content is not exposed to screen readers in Internet Explorer and it never will be. It is not exposed to people viewing with styles turned off unless a fall-back is provided. It may or may not be presented correctly to people who have overridden the stylesheets. That's enough for me to advocate against it, but it's your call.

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In 2013, there was a discussion here that stated that some browser / Screenreader combinations did not reliably expose CSS-generated content (via ::before). In the UA / SR combinations I have tried now, 5 years later, CSS-generated text content was exposed and read. While I reckon it is still not a recommended practice to use generated content on all but decorative or supplemental information - is there still a case for calling out such practice as WCAG failure?


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