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NVDA not reading text


From: Sudheer Babu
Date: Nov 29, 2018 12:52AM

Hi all,

There's this text (Text Goes HERE) we have in a header container which is
not being accessible with arrow keys using NVDA.

<div class="flyout-container" style="top: 64px;"><div
class="scrollbar-container ps"><div class="top-content"><span
class="flyout-items__heading">Text Goes HERE</span><div
class="flyout-items__description"><p> Text Goes HERE</p>
</div></div><div class="Signin"><div class="cta-link"><p> Text Goes HERE
</p><a class="cta" href="/Customer/Account/Signin.aspx" tabindex="0"
target="_blank" data-nav-context="header" data-nav-type="saved-items"
data-nav-name="sign-in"><span class="cta-content"><span class="cta-text"
tabindex="-1">Sign in now </span><span
class="icon-Right"></span></span></a></div></div><div class="ps__rail-x"
style="left: 0px; bottom: 0px;"><div class="ps__thumb-x" tabindex="0"
style="left: 0px;"></div></div><div class="ps__rail-y" style="top: 0px;
height: 171px; right: 0px;"><div class="ps__thumb-y" tabindex="0"
style="top: 0px; height: 94px;"></div></div></div></div>

appreciate if someone can help out here.

Thanks in advance!