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firefox and jaws with aria


From: westbchris@gmail.com
Date: Dec 21, 2018 8:28AM

I am a blind we developer learning angular. I have a slight problem with my
app. I just have a small app that I am playing around with right now to get
the feel of things, and I have a few angular components that I am navigating
through. I have the div around the content that is changing set to
aria-live="off" for now. I have noticed sometimes the changes are picked up
by Jaws, and sometimes I have to do an insert escape to refresh the screen
before Jaws will see the changes in firefox. Jaws and NVDA work better in
chrome. Is this a known Jaws/firefox issue? Is there something I'm doing
wrong? I'm kind of new at the whole aria thing. I know it's hard to diagnose
without seeing code, but not sure the best way to share so perhaps some
general pointers would be helpful. Sorry for the beginner question.