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Re: Visible skip navigation links, was: good example


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Nov 12, 2003 10:47AM

on 11/12/03 12:24 PM, Spruill, Kevin (NIH/NLM) at <EMAIL REMOVED>
profoundly spewed forth their very articulate thoughts:

> In the nihseniorhealth site, the skip link places focus on farther along in
> the page, depending on screen size, resolution, and browser size you may or
> may not see the focus change - for example:
> http://nihseniorhealth.gov/alzheimersdisease/defined/01.html - selecting the
> skip navigation link allows the user to bypass the global navigation links
> at the top, as well as all the topical navigation links on the left hand
> side. Focus is placed on the subject topic, and subtopic... Tabbing then
> places focus on the actual content paragraph.

Right ....I totally understand that... I have two sites I've done with
visible skip links... I'm not arguing with the practice. :)

I was only arguing with the fact that on most sites, the verbiage is right
there (unless you're viewing code or using assistive tech)... A "mouse user"
will generally find no use in skipnav...

My problem was with the example of an elderly person that can't click on the
1x1 gif so they can skip the navigation... And my point was just that if
they were using a mouse, they wouldn't need to click the skiplink because
they're... well... using a mouse. If they were not using a mouse, their
adaptive tech would pick up the skiplink as well as those who tab through
they who would hit it...

The elderly mouse user is not the target for a skip link... That is all...

Stephanie Sullivan

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