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Re: In page links and the back button - expected behavior


From: Steve Green
Date: Feb 22, 2019 10:13AM

My expectation is that the Back button would take me back to the top of the page, because that's what happens on most websites.

I find that I have two distinct behaviours for in-page navigation. Much of the time I use a mouse, in which case I might click the Back button after operating an in-page link. Other times I use keyboard navigation, in which case I would always use the Home key to return to the top. I use keyboard navigation a lot on long pages, where it is much faster to hit Page Down than it is to scroll.

Steve Green
Managing Director
Test Partners Ltd

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Subject: [WebAIM] In page links and the back button - expected behavior

Hey folks

I have a conundrum I wantd y'all's thought on.
Some of our pages have in-page links. The links are actually implemented with JavaScript so when user clicks the link the focus gets moved to the corresponding section of the page, but the URL of the page is not updated.

This works fine when user clicks the link, but if the user expects to use the back button to jump to the top of the page this will not work, the user will navigate back to the last page the user was looking at.

The question is, is this a problem? Do users typically use the back button to navigate from an inpage target back to the top of the page.
I know personally I never do it, but I also realize I am but one person, and also kind of weird.
We're going to do some usability testing with this, but I am curious what people's expectations and usage patterns are and if you have some input.

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