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Re: In page links and the back button - expected behavior


From: glen walker
Date: Feb 22, 2019 11:04AM

I have a similar behavior to Steve, but will use the keyboard more often (I
rarely use the mouse). With in-page links, I tab to them and select them
and always expect the back feature to take me back. But like Birkir, I'm
just one person and that's just the way I operate.

Notice I said the back feature and not the back button. I typically go
back by using alt+leftarrow (and forward with alt+rightarrow). If I'm deep
into following links and want to go back, say 5 or 6 levels, I have not
found a way with the keyboard to do that easily. I know a right click
(with the mouse) on the back button will show the history and I can select
the link that is 5 or 6 levels back and go directly there, but I haven't
found a way to get my keyboard focus to the back button so that I can use
shift+f10 to get the menu then arrow down 5 levels to go back.