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Re: Visible skip navigation links, was: good example


From: Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au
Date: Nov 12, 2003 9:39PM

tabbing - yes they would still hit an invisible "skip", but how do they
know they have landed on it, except by watching the address bar (in IE) at
the bottom of the page? Most web users are not this educated (e.g. see
Sarah Horton's email [RE: opening new browser windows?] of Nov 13).


Sullivan To: < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
<design@violetsky cc:
.net> Subject: Re: Visible skip navigation links, was: good example

13/11/2003 03:07
Please respond to

on 11/12/03 9:40 PM, <EMAIL REMOVED> at
<EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly spewed forth their very
articulate thoughts:

> Another group who rely on skipping navigation (but often don't use any
> special assistive technology) are those with a physical impairment that
> prevents them (permanently or temporarily due to an accident) from using
> mouse.

But don't those people navigate then by tabbing through with the keyboard?
Thus, if the skiplink was coded properly they would still hit it.


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