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Re: Visible skip navigation links, was: good example


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Nov 13, 2003 7:33AM

on 11/13/03 8:19 AM, Karl Groves at <EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly spewed
forth their very articulate thoughts:

> You're saying that those with motor impairments can use the skip link as a
> method to more quickly get to in-context links?

That's what I've been trying to say... And Andrew said it SO much better...
;) Screenreaders (used mainly for sight impairment) can use both visual and
Tom Gilder-type skip links... So can people who surf by tabbing through web
pages (used mainly for motor impairment ... Or as someone else pointed out,
when you break your mouse. ;).

The people who DON'T have any use for a skip link are the elderly who use a
mouse and are trying to click on the 1 x 1 skiplink (as the original example
said)... That would not happen because a person, surfing visually, using a
mouse, will not have any use for a skip link. They will place their mouse in
the page at the place they want to go to (or link they wan to click)...

This is all I've been trying to say from the beginning... ;) Thanks Andrew.

Stephanie Sullivan

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