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Re: Is NVDA using the wrong type of widget (tree) to show the headings on a page?


From: Guy Hickling
Date: Mar 16, 2019 3:15PM

> ...usability testing with screen reader users and I admit I was surprised
to see how little attention was paid to heading levels.

I think the reason your user testers didn't pay any attention to the
heading levels was that almost every website under the sun gets it wrong
until they first have an audit done! They use the wrong levels, and don't
use heading elements at all on some, and use headings where they aren't
true headings. Many devs choose the heading level to get the text size they
want, instead of using CSS.

So I'm sure many users don't expect the levels to be useful at present. I
very rarely have sites come in for audit that already have the levels
right. As we do our work and persuade websites to comply, the position will
hopefully get better.