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Re: MS Office Accessibility Checker Interface and Output Accessibility


From: glen walker
Date: Mar 27, 2019 2:37PM

It's ok, but I don't find the accessibility checker to be that great.

To get to it, I use the shortcut: alt+f, i, i, a

After it runs, the results are in a new panel. You can use f6 to navigate
to each panel (landmark) in Word. The correct panel will say
"Accessibility Checker tool bar". The results uses groupings and trees.
The groupings are errors, warnings, and tips. The groupings don't say
they're expanded or collapsed but using spacebar or right arrow will expand
it, but it won't say it was just expanded or collapsed. When you open one
group, it opens them all. Kind of like an accordion except I've never seen
an accordion that will open every section when one section is opened.

Under each grouping is a tree with general issues and a list of elements
that have that issue. If you select an element from the tree, it gets
selected in your main document, but the focus remains in the accessibility

If you press tab after selecting an element in the tree, you get to the
"additional information" section of the checker which has some info on why
the issue is a problem.

You can press f6 until you get back to the main document to do something on
the selected element.

So the interface seems to be accessible. I can get to most everything with
a keyboard and stuff seems to be labeled with an accessible name.