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Re: MS Office Accessibility Checker Interface and Output Accessibility


From: Maxability
Date: Mar 29, 2019 9:44AM

In addition I like the quick find option. Press Alt + q and type
whatever you want, accessibility in this case. The accessibility checker
will be first option. When I do this I also found the Display alt text
panel, dint explore but may be worth looking at.


On 3/28/2019 1:48 PM, Bim Egan wrote:
> That's brilliant! Thanks Glen,
> As someone still struggling with ribbons and the odd names MS Word now uses
> as labels, your practical description was a real relief.
> Bim
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> Accessibility
> It's ok, but I don't find the accessibility checker to be that great.
> To get to it, I use the shortcut: alt+f, i, i, a
> After it runs, the results are in a new panel. You can use f6 to navigate
> to each panel (landmark) in Word. The correct panel will say "Accessibility
> Checker tool bar". The results uses groupings and trees.
> The groupings are errors, warnings, and tips. The groupings don't say
> they're expanded or collapsed but using spacebar or right arrow will expand
> it, but it won't say it was just expanded or collapsed. When you open one
> group, it opens them all. Kind of like an accordion except I've never seen
> an accordion that will open every section when one section is opened.
> Under each grouping is a tree with general issues and a list of elements
> that have that issue. If you select an element from the tree, it gets
> selected in your main document, but the focus remains in the accessibility
> checker.
> If you press tab after selecting an element in the tree, you get to the
> "additional information" section of the checker which has some info on why
> the issue is a problem.
> You can press f6 until you get back to the main document to do something on
> the selected element.
> So the interface seems to be accessible. I can get to most everything with
> a keyboard and stuff seems to be labeled with an accessible name.
> Glen
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