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Re: Today's Learning Moment


From: Bim Egan
Date: Mar 30, 2019 9:07AM

Just a few thoughts:
1. Could the image be converted to PDF format?
2. Is the information visually structured, i.e. has text that appears to be
headings and paragraphs?
2a If so, then the image should be turned into an artefact in the PDF, and
additional Tags created, representing the structure, each with an alt that
reproduces the text.
2b. If not and it just has text or images that convey information, then the
alt attribute of the image would be enough, as long as it's value is the
information being conveyed, not the visual aspect.
3. That's a good question that should be put to the College.



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As a professional designer, I'm on several forums for graphic design,
digital media, and accessibility.

A question came in from a student designer who asked how to make a flyer
accessible. The "flyer":

* Is a graphic made in Photoshop.
* Has all the contextual information in the graphic.
* Is essentially a large info-graphic.
* Was created for the campus' student assistance office/learning
resources center.
* Is intended to inform, specifically, students with disabilities.

Questions to my WebAIM colleagues:

1. How could this "flyer" be made fully accessible?
2. Would Alt-text on the entire graphic be sufficient?
3. Why wasn't the student designer trained in accessible design in the
degree program? (The college has a graphic design curriculum.)
4. Why would the student services office accept and distribute this
5. How could our design schools teach students about accessibility and

I've placed a copy of the flyer on our website at:

* I'm not critiquing the visual design; personally, I think it's fine.
* The college and student's names are blurred. (I don't want to
embarrass a good school and a talented designer, but this project
demonstrates how we're failing to teach make the academic world fully
* And I've included a text transcription of what's in the graphic.

I have my own ideas of how to correct this flyer, but I'm interested in
yours because I'd like to build examples like this into my classes on
accessible design to teach designers how to build accessibility and
inclusion into their work.

Anxious to hear your thoughts.


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