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Re: Today's Learning Moment


From: glen walker
Date: Mar 30, 2019 11:01AM

Are you going to distribute the flyer in multiple formats? Paper printout,
pdf, html? My preference is to make it html because of the great support
already built in to browsers.

I would not use an alt text on the entire graphic because there's too much
information and alt text does not convey structure and cannot be navigated
word by word with a screen reader. I would create associated semantic
markup that mimics the layout of the graphic. Whether this markup is
visible on the screen is up to you.

"The Learning Resource Center offers disability support for eligible
students" would be an h1 because it's the whole point of the graphic.

"[College] is proud to be an inclusive community!" doesn't feel like a
heading. It's more of a statement.

"Services include" sounds like it's going to start a list so <ul> makes

The "such as" feels out of place, grammatically. The list of "such as"
items should probably be sub-lists under the "services includes" list.
That is, "academic accommodations" is the first bullet point and sub-points
under it should be "low distraction testing", "note taking", etc. "housing
accommodations" is the second bullet point and should have some sub-points.

"The LRC also offers assistive technology!" sounds like it should be a
third bullet point under "services include".

"Interested students should submit a request form & documentation" feels
like there should be a link to take you to the forms and doc.

The "learn more" at the end would be another list.