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Re: Today's Learning Moment


From: Pat Reynolds
Date: Apr 1, 2019 3:09AM

I'd go back to basics: ask to see the communication plan that
specifies this leaflet (who, what, when, etc.). If they don't have a
plan, suggest they write one. Could well be that they don't need a
leaflet at all.

Best wishes,


On Sat, 30 Mar 2019 at 17:02, glen walker < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Are you going to distribute the flyer in multiple formats? Paper printout,
> pdf, html? My preference is to make it html because of the great support
> already built in to browsers.
> I would not use an alt text on the entire graphic because there's too much
> information and alt text does not convey structure and cannot be navigated
> word by word with a screen reader. I would create associated semantic
> markup that mimics the layout of the graphic. Whether this markup is
> visible on the screen is up to you.
> "The Learning Resource Center offers disability support for eligible
> students" would be an h1 because it's the whole point of the graphic.
> "[College] is proud to be an inclusive community!" doesn't feel like a
> heading. It's more of a statement.
> "Services include" sounds like it's going to start a list so <ul> makes
> sense.
> The "such as" feels out of place, grammatically. The list of "such as"
> items should probably be sub-lists under the "services includes" list.
> That is, "academic accommodations" is the first bullet point and sub-points
> under it should be "low distraction testing", "note taking", etc. "housing
> accommodations" is the second bullet point and should have some sub-points.
> "The LRC also offers assistive technology!" sounds like it should be a
> third bullet point under "services include".
> "Interested students should submit a request form & documentation" feels
> like there should be a link to take you to the forms and doc.
> The "learn more" at the end would be another list.
> Glen
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