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Re: Teaching Web Accessibility to Disabled Students


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Nov 19, 2003 7:49AM

on 11/19/03 8:04 AM, Michael D. Roush at <EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly
spewed forth their very articulate thoughts:

> Oh yeah? I didn't realize all the monitors running in only 256 color mode
> were gone. Besides that, I was also thinking of the issue of choosing 3 or
> so contrasting colors for each possible color. I can see myself doing that
> for 256 colors, but not for 16 million.
Really, what you were talking about someone creating would be handled by a
mathematical calculation anyway... You wouldn't have to do it. :)

Web safe colors were a misunderstanding... You'll have to read the article
at WebMonkey where they show how many actual "web safe" colors there are...
It comes down to less than 30 and most of them are greens. ;)

The reason I am not concerned with the few 256 color monitors that have not
yet broken is -- the only thing that happens to a "non-web safe" color on a
256 color monitor is that it will dither... It will have tiny dots in it...
I don't really mind that.
> Okay, but what program is she using to hand-code? DW? Notepad? WordPad?
> HTML-Kit? TextPad?

I'll have to ask her. I'm supposed to talk to her by phone tomorrow...

Stephanie Sullivan

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