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Re: Teaching Web Accessibility to Disabled Students


From: holly marie
Date: Nov 19, 2003 8:07AM

From: "Stephanie Sullivan"

> > Okay, but what program is she using to hand-code? DW? Notepad?
> > HTML-Kit? TextPad?

I do not know what the other user, was using... but I do know a
professor of ecommerce/emarketing and also blind, was using Homesite ...
some of these editors could make it easier or quicker markup by hand...
they have tag completion plus a variety of built in checks possible?

NoteTab is another worth a look, EditPlus? I am not sure how these work
with blind users.
It would be interesting to view or read a list of authoring tools that
are accessible for non visual users.

HTML Kit and FirstPage2000 [the second app mentioned is free] are both
similar to Homesite.

I imagine it would be hard to recommend Front Page since it is riddled
with odd work arounds and after clean up tasks for general users

Another possibility, not mentioned... the editor that comes with
Netscape Composer?
Hopefully the mozilla version is continuing on in improvement and


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