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Tools And Accessibility [was]Re: Teaching Web Accessibility to Disabled Students


From: holly marie
Date: Nov 19, 2003 8:20AM

A Guideline with recommendations about web authoring tools...
Guideline 7. Ensure that the authoring tool is accessible to authors
with disabilities

Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines
W3C recommendation 3 February 2000

and also see
W3C WAI Authoring Tools Guidelines Group

Authoring Tool Conformance Evaluations

I did not read, but believe that these tests or evals were voluntary and
a set of suggestions or tools for application developers to work with.
But some of these items might be helpful[many are dated] with help in
choosing tools, or software applications(including courseware packages)?

I am not sure how active this group is, and it is another area where
accessibility needs continued or ongoing work.


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