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Re: How to convey password requirements on registration pages


From: Isabel Holdsworth
Date: Apr 23, 2019 6:20AM


If the list of requirements is long, no matter how or where they
appear on the screen, it's likely that some users, especially those
with learning difficulties (and me), will struggle to follow the

But for the benefit of screenreader users, the requirements need to be
in very close proximity to the field they refer to, and as has been
said by others, if the instructions come after the field then
screenreader users need to be informed of their presence.

I personally think that aria-describedby would work quite well here,
but not relied upon. So if the instructions were placed just after the
password field in the DOM, and associated with it using
aria-describedby, this could offer quite a good solution.

Cheers, Isabel

On 22/04/2019, Mallory < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> As a "slow person" I benefit from (and I don't care how ugly) a list of how
> I have to do it being visible to me at all times (I mean, not only when I
> have focus on the pw field).
> Just try not to put the requirements in an aria-describedby setup, or if it
> is, it can also be normally navigated to and read in any way needed (like by
> character). I've focussed on pw fields in the past and got a book blasted at
> me. It still meant I had to try to hold all the rules in my head.
> Dan: don't forget a space, but yeah that does look like it could be
> reasonable:
> (to avoid PasswordPlease, tho it depends on SR and setting whether you'd get
> that as one or two words)
> cheers,
> _mallory
> On Mon, Apr 22, 2019, at 7:47 PM, Swift, Daniel P. wrote:
>> Larry:
>> Could you place the requirements after the textbox and within the label
>> include extra text for the screen reader only indicating that there is
>> a list of password requirements listed just after the textbox.
>> <label>Password<span class="sro">Please note that requirements are
>> listed just after the password textbox</span></label>
>> Thoughts?
>> Dan Swift
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>> Subject: [WebAIM] How to convey password requirements on registration
>> pages
>> We're working on a registration page where the users need to create an
>> ID and PW. There are several requirements for the password e.g.
>> length, numbers, capitals, etc. Does anyone have thoughts on how to
>> provide the requirements to the screen reader user. I've seen
>> examples where the requirements are displayed as a list that appears
>> either below the password field or to the right of the entire form.
>> For the visual user I think that is OK (not great), but for the screen
>> reader - I feel like it has to be read when the user gets to the PW
>> input field. The concern is that the design may look funny with the
>> list of requirements displayed between the ID and PW fields. Any ideas
>> are much appreciated!
>> Thank you,
>> Larry
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