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Something About Formatting Word Docs Feels Wrong For Whatever Reason


From: Jim Homme
Date: Apr 23, 2019 7:10AM

I've been formatting my Word documents like this:

* Title of document using Title style
* Optional subtitle using Subtitle style
* Main sections with Heading 1 style

I've done this to keep the document title out of the table of contents, if it has one.

This feels wrong to me, because if the same document were a web document or a PDF document, I might have the document title duplicated as a heading 1, with document sections at heading 2. For documents I want to convert to PDF, I don't want to keep changing styles.

I'm keeping this simple just to illustrate what I'm saying.

Does this seem like I'm obsessing too much about this to you, or just how do you do this?

Jim Hommegood plan?

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