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Re: Something About Formatting Word Docs Feels Wrong For Whatever Reason


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Apr 24, 2019 9:59AM

> But the title of a document should look different from headings in the document. We need the Title Style to be able to do that or we would be creating it.

Yep, which is why PDF 2.0 adds a Title structure element. It's actually long overdue, as there's a clear semantic distinction that's necessary in the fixed-format document use case (not sayin' nothin' about other use cases).

> I use the Title Style all the time and if I want to adhere to PDF/UA I just use F2 in the Tags Tree and change it to <H1> in Acrobat.

Of course, the Title structure element was not available in PDF 1.7 (2008), which is what PDF/UA-1 (first published in 2012) uses (since it was the latest-and-greatest PDF specification available at the time).

PDF/UA-2 (still under development, but likely in 2020) will use the "dated revision" of PDF 2.0 (likely to be published in the next year), and so users with PDF 2.0 (and PDF/UA-2)-conforming software will finally be able to fully distinguish between titles and headings in their documents.

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