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Re: links to the page they are on


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: May 14, 2019 6:39AM

On 14/05/2019 13:20, Wolfgang Berndorfer wrote:
> Wouldn't it already clarify, if it wasn't a link, but a refresh-*button*?

Who's talking about buttons now? Lucy's talking about links... (the
"refresh" bit she talked about is the effect it has, from a user's point
of view)

> Aria-current is rather meant for a *collection of links* to inform screen
> readers about something, which is somehow highlighted visually as current
> already. Guess in Lucys example, there is no collection of links.

Lucy's mentioned that a link to the current page is present in the
footer under "Recently posted" (assuming it's a list of links) and in
the navigation menu.

In these cases, I'd say aria-current is perfectly fine and as intended.

It's a bit more arguable if aria-current could be added to a link
anywhere in the page that is not in a "collection / list / set" (e.g.
Lucy mentions that the body of the article itself has a self-referential
link back to its own page again).

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