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Re: A new type of ADA law suit


From: Guy Hickling
Date: May 20, 2019 2:57PM

I audited a British chain of hotels a couple of years ago that had at least
one hotel and 3 restaurants in Chicago and New York and elsewhere (and I
notice they never fixed the websites on either side of the pond so they're
playing with fire! It beats me why some people ask for an audit sometimes
if they aren't going to fix them - just to pretend they are doing something
about it I suppose, and to show something on paper if anyone asks. They can
get away with that over here, but they're in for a rude shock on their
premises over there sooner or later when they receive a nice fat legal

Anyway, stadiums, concert halls, theatres and cinemas have similar ADA
rules to follow for the booking processes as hotels. Seats for wheel chair
users and similar disabled facilities all have to be bookable in just the
same way ordinary seats can be booked, which also means on the websites
again. And cinemas must provide caption hardware for individual seats so I
assume they must also be bookable as freely as other seats. I don't suppose
UK companies own many sports stadia over there. Chains of cinemas might,
perhaps, though I would have thought they would more likely be the other
way round, US chains owning cinemas here.

Still, the main problem UK companies with a US presence have is to get
their websites WCAG compliant. Most of them are being much too slow about
even getting that far!