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PPT: alt tag on master slide


From: Tami J Tolpa
Date: May 20, 2019 5:25PM

Hello! I'm fairly new to accessibility and this is my first time posting. I'm hoping I can get some help with PPT accessibility.

I've been tasked with creating a PPT template that is accessible for courses created by my department.

I'd like to use master slides, but I'd like to have the images contained on them have alt tags. Is this possible? I know that images on master slides in PPT are not read by screen readers, which makes me think that anything that requires an alt-tag needs to be on a regular slide. Is this the case?

There are icons on our master slides, and sometimes logos, and I would like them to have descriptions without having to move them from master slides to regular slides. To accomplish this, do I need a workaround, like an invisible box on the slide the contains the alt-tag?

Thanks for any input you can provide.

Kindest regards,

Tami J Tolpa
Graphic Designer
Cultivate Learning at University of Washington