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How long between accessibility test/audits?


From: James A.
Date: May 28, 2019 2:22PM

Hello everyone,

I am after views on how often accessibility tests/audits should be undertaken on a site once an initial audit has been completed. Do people have a general guideline on the maximum time lapse between audits when previous compliance claims can be considered valid? I realise that in agile development environment timeframes may be irrelevant so are there particular level or type of functionality changes that would mean that a new audit would be required?

To give some context, I am writing some guidance with colleagues in the university sector on the European Public Sector Website and Mobile Applications regulations. Some of the requirements only come into force after a website and/or content undergoes "substantially revision" or "updated" but neither of these terms have been defined. The closest mention to any timeframe is in relation to accessibility statements where is states:

"It is recommended that the claims made in the accessibility statement are reviewed as regards their accuracy on a regular basis, and at least once per year. If such a review has taken place without a full evaluation of the website/mobile app, whether or not such a review has led to any changes in the accessibility statement, please indicate the date of the last such review."

Many thanks in advance


Dr Abi James

Accessibility Consultant and Reaseacher