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Re: Expected behavior for focus events when using screenreader arrow navigation


From: Sailesh Panchang
Date: Jun 26, 2019 3:02PM

See if the note in ARIA Authoring Practice 1.1 for Menus / Menubars
(3.15) helps your particular situation:
The note is under Keyboard Interaction:
Although it is recommended that authors avoid doing so, some
implementations of navigation menubars may have menuitem elements that
both perform a function and open a submenu. In such implementations,
enter and Space perform a navigation function, e.g., load new content,
while Down Arrow, in a horizontal menubar, opens the submenu
associated with that same menuitem.

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On 6/26/19, cb < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> What is the expected or optimal result when a screenreader user is using
> arrow navigation and comes across a focusable element that has a focus
> event?
> For example, let's say there is a link that has a flyout of some sort that
> activates on hover and on focus. When using tab navigation, I'd expect that
> the focus event would be triggered and the flyout would appear. (I'd also
> expect that it would be coded in an accessible way so that the screenreader
> user would know what had happened and would be able to access the content
> of the flyout! But that's not the focus of this question.) What should
> happen when you encounter the same element using arrow navigation? Right
> now it looks like NVDA triggers the focus event, but Jaws does not. Not
> sure about VoiceOver.
> To add complexity: If the link has a destination, and if the screenreader
> does not trigger the focus event, how can a screenreader user activate the
> flyout without activating the link and moving off the page?
> Thanks
> Caroline
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