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Re: Expected behavior for focus events when using screenreader arrow navigation


From: Steve Green
Date: Jun 26, 2019 2:04PM

I would expect screen readers to do what JAWS is doing i.e. it reads the link text but does not trigger the focus event.

If the link has a destination, you obviously can't trigger the focus event and reveal the flyout by operating the link. The solution would depend on the nature and size of the flyout's content. If it is very small, it might be appropriate to concatenate it with the link text, in which case screen reader users don't need to trigger the focus event.

If the flyout content is larger, you might want screen readers to read it before and separately from the link text regardless of whether the flyout is open or not.

It's difficult to say for sure without seeing the link and flyout in context.

Steve Green
Managing Director
Test Partners Ltd

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Subject: [WebAIM] Expected behavior for focus events when using screenreader arrow navigation

What is the expected or optimal result when a screenreader user is using arrow navigation and comes across a focusable element that has a focus event?

For example, let's say there is a link that has a flyout of some sort that activates on hover and on focus. When using tab navigation, I'd expect that the focus event would be triggered and the flyout would appear. (I'd also expect that it would be coded in an accessible way so that the screenreader user would know what had happened and would be able to access the content of the flyout! But that's not the focus of this question.) What should happen when you encounter the same element using arrow navigation? Right now it looks like NVDA triggers the focus event, but Jaws does not. Not sure about VoiceOver.

To add complexity: If the link has a destination, and if the screenreader does not trigger the focus event, how can a screenreader user activate the flyout without activating the link and moving off the page?