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guidance on headings hierarchy


From: Barry Hill
Date: Jun 27, 2019 2:04AM

I've seen a few pages where the logo has a heading tag and I don't like it. For me, the logo is not a heading. You wouldn't have a logo as a heading in a printed document, so why have one in a web page?



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Hello Catherine,
Logo should be a graphic with alt text at the top of the page, no heading.

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On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 1:17 PM Catherine Roy < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Hello all,
> Looking for a little guidance on headings hierarchy. Unfortunately, I
> am not at liberty to share the page that I'm going to describe.
> I have a main content and a left column with some menu items.
> For the main content, I have a heading that basically repeats the
> title of the page. Followed by a few paragraphs of explanatory text
> for the initiative in question. After which, a couple more headings to
> introduce a dashboard and some project partners.
> In the left column, I have two headings that introduce some links like
> a menu. So, originally, this is the structure I had set up:
> For the main content
> The first heading is a H1 (title of the initiative), the second
> heading is an H2 (Results to date for the dashboard) and the third
> heading is an
> H2 (Our partners) as well.
> So:
> HA Initiative (H1)
> Results to date (H2)
> Our partners (H2)
> In the left column, the two headings (Resources & Latest updates) that
> introduce links are both H3.
> So:
> Resources (H3)
> Latest updates (H3)
> My problem is that the page originally had the logo in the left top
> corner as an H1.
> And from my understanding, although it's not compulsory, it's always
> best to have just one H1 in the page.
> What is best practice here? Personally I would prefer that the logo
> not be a heading at all but simply an image with an alt text. But I
> know that some people have no problem with having more than one H1 in
> the same page.
> How would you structure your hierarchy with this content?
> Thanks,
> Catherine
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