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has anyone done remote training for ios voiceover? (via zoom preferred)


From: glen walker
Date: Aug 8, 2019 2:38PM

I prefer onsite hands-on training when teaching how to use voiceover but
it's not possible in this situation. We'll be using zoom for the
screenshare (client's choice).

I'm working with sighted ios native app developers so they'll need to see
my hand gestures for the various voiceover interactions but I'll be
describing my actions too.

The only way I can think of sharing my gestures is with a webcam but would
need a stand-alone camera and not the one built into the laptop. And the
webcam would need a stand so it can be positioned over the iphone and be

One of the problems, though, is that the phone looks washed out when coming
through the webcam and it's hard to see the screen. Not sure if I have to
play with the webcam settings and light exposure and such.

Another problem is that the camera has to be a sufficient distance from the
phone in order to see the entire phone. The microphone is on the webcam
and when too far from the phone, you can't hear voiceover coming through
the audio.

This is why I hate remote training.

But nonetheless, has anyone done remote training and has a good setup?

Perhaps I need a separate usb microphone that I place near the iphone
speakers so that the audio is picked up, and turn off the microphone on the

From zoom, there's an option to share my computer screen but there's also
an option to share my iphone screen. While sharing the iphone screen
wouldn't help with demoing the gestures, it might come in handy but it
doesn't seem to work. The directions say to connect the iphone to the same
wifi as my laptop (check), go to screen mirroring on the iphone (check),
and choose the zoom app for sharing (check). At this point, it should
share but it just keeps spinning and eventually says it cannot connect to

Any tips you can share would be appreciated.