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Trying to Understand 2.5.3


From: JP Jamous
Date: Sep 3, 2019 9:30AM

Hi folks,

As I am reading WCAG 2.1, I am really struggling with 2.5.3 Label in Name.
Here are the questions I have.

1. Does aria-labelledby have to be used even on <label>?
2. Does this success criterion suggest that we have to add alt and
title attributes to any HTML element? I had developers in the past use alt
attributes on an anchor tag, which is improper markup.
3. Does 2.5.3 target elements that are divs and spans by ensuring that
they have a role and aria-label with the visible text embedded?

I think what I am lacking to understand this success criterion is some
markup to go along with it. Any help will be much appreciated.


JP Jamous

Senior Digital Accessibility Engineer

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