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Re: Password managers and masked fields


From: Kathryn.Frederick@ood.ohio.gov
Date: Sep 3, 2019 1:51PM

Good Afternoon,

As a screen reader who uses Mac, Windows and iOS devices, I find OnePassword (outside of Apple's iCloud Keychain), to be a very very accessible password management system. I've heard that apps such as LastPass have accessibility issues, but not having tested those, I'm only basing that on others experiences. Again, from a user perspective, it's a nice handy feature when the show/hide buttons exist, if for no other reason than to confirm the password's in the box where it belongs.

Katie Frederick

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Subject: [WebAIM] Password managers and masked fields

I work in a place where cybersecurity is pretty strict and within that environment people have multiple passwords. Outside of work, I know that some people use a password keychain or password manager app to store passwords. For screen reader users, keeping track of passwords must be a daunting task.

I was just wondering if folks used such apps or knew if they had accessibility issues.

I'm also interested in anyone's opinion on masking fields in general. For example, do you like Show/Hide buttons next to the masked fields to give power back to users to see what they have typed?

I guess I have issues with protecting information to the point where people entering info don't know what they're entering or have to the ability to check it.