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Re: Password managers and masked fields


From: R.U. Steinberg
Date: Sep 3, 2019 1:56PM

Thank you!

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> Good Afternoon,
> As a screen reader who uses Mac, Windows and iOS devices, I find
> OnePassword (outside of Apple's iCloud Keychain), to be a very very
> accessible password management system. I've heard that apps such as
> LastPass have accessibility issues, but not having tested those, I'm only
> basing that on others experiences. Again, from a user perspective, it's a
> nice handy feature when the show/hide buttons exist, if for no other reason
> than to confirm the password's in the box where it belongs.
> Katie Frederick
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> Subject: [WebAIM] Password managers and masked fields
> I work in a place where cybersecurity is pretty strict and within that
> environment people have multiple passwords. Outside of work, I know that
> some people use a password keychain or password manager app to store
> passwords. For screen reader users, keeping track of passwords must be a
> daunting task.
> I was just wondering if folks used such apps or knew if they had
> accessibility issues.
> I'm also interested in anyone's opinion on masking fields in general. For
> example, do you like Show/Hide buttons next to the masked fields to give
> power back to users to see what they have typed?
> I guess I have issues with protecting information to the point where
> people entering info don't know what they're entering or have to the
> ability to check it.
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