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Re: Getting Your Website Accessibility Certified


From: Peter Shikli
Date: Sep 19, 2019 4:21PM


The WebAIM folks running this blog are well qualified to answer this
question so I hope they respond.  Here's what I know.

There is no authority, person or agency, who can give you a certificate
of accessibility to guarantee that you are accessible and immune from a
lawsuit.  After we audit a website and find no accessibility violations
or remediate PDFs, we provide a Letter of Reasonable Accessibility to
summarize that, noting exceptions as needed.  This is signed by our
Expert Accessibility Analysts with years of experience who are Trusted
Tester certified by the Office of Accessible Systems and Technology, and
Website Accessibility Specialists certified by the International
Association of Accessibility Professionals.  This adds credibility, but
in the final analysis, it is just our opinion.

And keep in mind that after getting whatever letter or certification,
your staff can update content to become inaccessible.  Like online
security, this is a process, not a destination reached with a certificate.

Peter Shikli
Prison inmates helping the internet become accessible