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Re: Browser and Screen Reader Combination


From: Glen Walker
Date: Sep 20, 2019 6:41PM

Good to know. Thanks for the clarifications.

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On Sep 20, 2019, at 6:36 PM, Jared Smith < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>> Just remember that the survey is voluntary and not a distributed population
>> set.
> Correct, but it is the largest data set from screen reader users available.
>> So the "most popular" combinations of screen readers and browsers
>> might end up being the most popular testing environments because the survey
>> might have been filled out by mostly accessibility testers (for example).
> This is not correct. 89.2% of respondents to the survey that is linked
> here reported using a screen reader due to a disability. When there
> are notable differences in responses between respondents with and
> without disabilities, we note these, but most of the time the
> responses generally align. In other words, the 10.8% of respondents
> that don't have a disability do not skew the reported data in
> significant ways.
>> You'll notice in the results that NVDA seems to be on par with JAWS but I
>> suspect that's because more and more accessibility testers fill out the
>> survey and most testers use both screen readers.
> Your suspicion is generally incorrect. 64.7% of respondents with
> disabilities use NVDA compared to 69.3% of respondents without
> disabilities. So usage is slightly higher among those without
> disabilities, but these are so few in number that this skews the
> overall NVDA usage percentage by only .2%.
> We'll be publishing results from our most recent survey in the next week or so.
> Thanks,
> Jared Smith
> WebAIM.org
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