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Re: Steve, VoiceOver ignoring WCAG 1.3.1 and 2.4.2


From: Don Raikes
Date: Sep 30, 2019 3:23PM


This page has two tables near the bottom of the page. The first table is a simple table that utilizes scope="col" while the second utilizes ids in the headers and headers attribute in the datga cells.

This page was written using the OracleJET framework, and that may be the p0roblem, which is why I wanted to ask others their opinions.
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Column headers have always worked fine for me. I just confirmed this with iOS 12.1 on an iPhone 6S+

Can you share a link to a page where they are not announced?

Steve Green
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Subject: [WebAIM] VoiceOver ignoring WCAG 1.3.1 and 2.4.2


I have been doing some mobile web testing in preparation for a demo, and have discovered a couple of issues with VoiceOver and I want to know if others have seen the problems:

1. When navigating tables, VoiceOver is not reading column headers even though the table is properly marked up using scope="col" attributes.

2. VoiceOver is not announcing page titles when there is a full or partial page refresh and the title changes.

System configurations:

iPhone 8 with iOS 13.1.1

iPad mini with iPadOS 13.1.2

These two requirements seem pretty basic so I would expect VoiceOver to respect them.

Thanks, Donald

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