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Re: What motivates you?


From: Kathryn Wyeth
Date: Mar 6, 2000 4:25PM

I was using a web design software from Corel. I now use Hot Metal 6.0 .
Hot Metal has an accessibility checker on it, just click and it checks your
code. It doesn't necessarily tell you everything but its nice! I am just
starting to use more of the features of this program.
I think some of the other possible motivation was at the end of my message--
the good design for one and the possibility of $$ and market niche the
A recent congressional hearing seemed to favor an opinion that the ADA
applies to web sites as places of public accommodation. The folks who hire
the web designers are going to have to start specifying that they want
access or they risk being sued. (Not to mention missing a quite large
potential market.)
Colleges and those using any federal money have not only ADA to consider but
also title 504 of the rehabilitation act. It is only a matter of time
before they get taken to court over inaccessible on - line classes. They
could lose federal funding over this. Is this motivation? Could be.
Negative but may be needed.
Kathryn Wyeth
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First I have a question: what wysiwyg editor were using?
I think it would be really helpful to try to figure out how to get the
average Web developer motivated to design accessibly. How do we get them
interested in the first place?