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image maps


From: Leo Smith
Date: Sep 13, 2001 2:55PM

>Michael [ I do not see exactly how using transparent gifs would work in the
> scenario you are talking about. If a person disables images within
> their browser, then the transparent gifs would not be displayable
> either.]
Transparent gif's are invisible whether images are turned on or off,
hence the name transparent. The reason for having a transparent
gif for each link in the image map (as well as the image map) would
be so that alt text would display for each link when images are
turned off in the browsers. When images are turned off in a
browser, alt text for the individual hotspots (that is, alt text for each
<area> tag does NOT show - in IE and I imagine in other browsers
also, although I haven't had a chance to test the others). For alt
text for a transparent gif, the alt text would display with images off.
>Michael [ I feel the simpliest solution is to provide an "alt" description
> attribute within the <area> element/tag of the <map> element/tag. So
> even with the images turned off within the browser, the image map is
> still loaded within the browser and the area element is still
> available with the corresponding "alt" description attribute to help
> identify the hyperlink.]
No, this is not the case in IE. With images turned off, the individual
alt text for each <area> element does not show - only the alt text
for the imagemap image does. Hence, my initial email.

>Michael [ This is how I have the image map at
www.ohiogoodwills.org set up. So
> even with images turned off, the image map is still available with
> "alt" descriptions to identify everything.]
With images off in IE5, the alt text for your <area> elements in
your imagemap do not display.

Warmest regards to all also, in these very difficult times.

Leo Smith
Web Designer/Developer
USM Office of Publications and Marketing
University of Southern Maine