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Re: Skip nav links on mobile


From: Greg Jellin
Date: Oct 30, 2019 4:17PM

I love this group. Great discussion. This really helps clarify my
understanding. I agree, that bypassing blocks can be done a number of
ways. In this specific case a client had a skip link above the nav that
jumped to the main content and I felt it was just adding an extra step
with the nav collapsed on the mobile version.


On 10/30/2019 2:05 PM, glen walker wrote:
> Just a minor nit on what Birkir said about "To meet this requirement you
> technically only have to implement one of a sip link, ARIA landmarks or a
> logical heading structure". I know Birkir didn't mean that those were the
> only options but I wanted to explicitly point that out in case some of the
> newer people on this list didn't realize that. 2.4.1 only says a
> "mechanism" must exist to bypass blocks of content. It does not say what
> that mechanism should be. Sailesh's comment about the menu being collapsed
> is a "mechanism" to handle that, although if you don't get the collapsed
> menu on desktop, you would need some other mechanism, which is typically
> one of the options Birkir mentioned.
> > > >