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Re: Macromedia Contribute and accessibility


From: Carol Foster
Date: Jan 12, 2004 8:42AM

Thanks so much. From my limited time with the Contribute demo product, this all
seems right. It appears that HTML cannot be edited directly at all through
Contribute - is that right? So in addition to the things mentioned in these
replies and the helpful online summary, complex tables cannot be marked up
properly, though there is support for simple tables to be marked up with <th>
when they are inserted. When I tried importing a Word document, the image and
table in it did not come across with proper accessible markup (alt text and
<th>'s), but I was working as the administrator, so I'm not sure the "enforce
accessibility" was in effect. It would be hard to imagine that this feature
(enforcing accessibility of imported Word docs) would work properly without
manual intervention.


Eoin Campbell wrote:

> We also reviewed Contribute from an accessibility perspective.
> A summary is online at http://www.xmlw.ie/services/mmcontributereview.htm
> Overall, it is better than many editing tools, but doesn't support
> all the accessibility features of HTML, e.g. ability to specify
> language, or use ACRONYM or ABBR tags.
> We also wanted support for input of Dublin Core Metadata, but this is
> not available by default at least, although it might be possible to
> create an extension for it.
> At 16:01 09/01/2004 -0500, Stephanie Sullivan wrote:
> >on 1/8/04 11:48 AM, Carol Foster at <EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly spewed
> >forth their very articulate thoughts:
> >
> >> I just looked through the archives for previous discussion of
> >> Macromedia's Contribute and its accessibility features, and I saw that
> >> Holly Marie asked about it a while back, but I couldn't find her email
> >> address in the archives. So, Holly Marie and others, have you learned
> >> any more about the advantages and disadvantages for accessibility using
> >> Contribute? Replies to me or to the list would be appreciated! I will
> >> be looking into this further myself as time permits.
> >
> >Carol... Contribute is an editing product, not a web building product... So
> >basically, the site is built using Dreamweaver (or another web building
> >product) and then the client edits text and adds images and such (if you
> >allow them to add images --- you can even limit the size of images they
> >add).
> >
> >You have the ability to set up permissions for various groups you create.
> >Some of the options include, "Enforce accessibility options (such as ALT
> >text for images)" and "Use <strong> and <em> in place of <b> and <i>". You
> >can control their use of Fonts or CSS (font application can be completely
> >turned off in favor of CSS only).
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