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Re: Macromedia Contribute and accessibility


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Jan 13, 2004 4:16PM

on 1/12/04 10:38 AM, Carol Foster at <EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly spewed
forth their very articulate thoughts:

> Thanks so much. From my limited time with the Contribute demo product, this
> all seems right. It appears that HTML cannot be edited directly at all
> through Contribute - is that right?

Pretty much true because it's specifically made for web-ignorant users...
People that want to type in as if they're in a word processor for the most

> When I tried importing a Word document, the
> image and table in it did not come across with proper accessible markup (alt
> text and <th>'s), but I was working as the administrator, so I'm not sure the
> "enforce accessibility" was in effect. It would be hard to imagine that this
> feature (enforcing accessibility of imported Word docs) would work properly
> without manual intervention.

I'm not sure that you can force accessibility for tables... I think not
(I'll check and let you know if I'm incorrect)...

As to someone elses mention of extensibility... Not yet. Contribute does not
yet have access to the Extension Manager... Hopefully in a future version...

Stephanie Sullivan

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