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GIF and accessibility


From: Abby Kingman
Date: Nov 22, 2019 2:13PM

I feel a little silly about posting this, but here goes.

One of our marketing folks recently posted an article about how to create
and post GIFs as a way to boost your branding efforts. I sent her a note
asking if she might expand the article with a bit about how to make sure
these are accessible - can you add alt text, will they respect the
prefers-reduced-motion query, can they be made to pause? Sadly when I tried
googling for gif accessibility, I got a bunch of gifs about accessibility
(eye roll).

I did some quick screen reader testing, and got different results depending
on where the GIF was loaded (twitter, slack), but basically got buttons or
just nasty urls.

As far as I can find, there really is no way to make these accessible - is
that really true?? If not, can anyone post some resources?


Abby Kingman, CPACC

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