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WebAIM's StrategicA11y Workshop


From: Cyndi Rowland
Date: Dec 13, 2019 8:26PM

While this list caters to mostly technical staff who are in the front line of accessibility, there is another ecosystem that really affects the ability of an organization to attain, and sustain, accessible digital materials. This ecosystem is the administrative, or organizational one. Even when technical staff do everything in their power to ensure the accessibility of their work, many times the system needs to transform to support accessibility. WebAIM regularly receives requests for consultation and technical assistance on this topic.

Because of this growing need, I wanted to announce that WebAIM will hold a new 2.5 day training workshop, StrategicA11y<https://webaim.org/training/strategica11y/>, on May 19-21. It is designed for administrators, managers, and teams who bring web accessibility into the entire system and workflow of an organization. This new workshop will have a focus on strategic web accessibility and development of a custom actionable plan will help participants address how the system and enterprise can best facilitate organizational accessibility.

Even if this workshop is not a good match for you or your role, you may know others who would benefit from such a workshop. Please share this information with them. If it is a match for you, consider coming to Logan in May. Like our technical trainings (which we continue to hold every 2-3 months), we have capped the enrollment so we can provide focused personalization. We already have individuals who have registered<https://webaim.org/training/strategica11y/register>. With space limitations, sooner is better to capture, or share, this opportunity.

You can learn more at https://webaim.org/training/strategica11y/

Thank you so very much. We at WebAIM wish you and yours a happy holiday!

Cyndi Rowland

Executive Director, WebAIM

Utah State University