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Re: ACR Best Practices


From: glen walker
Date: Dec 18, 2019 10:49AM

I've never given details when I specify "supports" in the VPAT/ACR other
than saying something like "Instructions do not rely solely on sensory
characteristics" (for 1.3.3).

For "partially supports" or "does not support", I give specific examples of
what causes it to not support.

It sounds like you are being asked to give specific examples of supports?
I suppose for the 1.3.3 example, you'd have to find instructions on some
page, such as "all (*) fields are required". Those are instructions that
don't have sensory characteristics.

Perhaps that's all you need, a couple examples that work, such as proper
use of headings, tables, and lists for 1.3.1 or properly labeled form
elements for 4.1.2, etc.