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Re: [External Sender] multiple navigation landmarks


From: glen walker
Date: Jan 22, 2020 11:12AM

Even though landmarks become less useful as the number increases, I would
mark any navigational area a <nav aria-label="...">. I consider (personal
opinion) a breadcrumb trail a navigational element. The authoring practice
defines a breadcrumb trail as "a list of links" and a "breadcrumb trail is
contained within a navigation landmark region" (

Landmarks can be used to bypass blocks of elements on the page (at least
for screen reader users - would be nice if user agents allowed keyboard
users to take advantage of them) but the more landmarks you have, the more
they'll have to be navigated through to get to your destination, but I
suppose that's only true if you are navigating sequentially through them
(NVDA+D or JAWS+R). If you use the landmark/region list in NVDA/JAWS, then
you can jump quickly to a specific landmark.