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Re: Mobile Native apps - buttons that use colours and text without any borders.


From: Jonathan Avila
Date: Jan 23, 2020 7:18AM

Hi Sean, WCAG 2.1 SC 1.4.11 indicates that button borders are not needed to identify controls. It leans on the idea that the text alone is enough to communicate the item is actionable. I personally have concerns with this notion because that assumes a certain level of cognition and also ability to scan and read all text in order to understand a role. Borders, backgrounds, and other indicators and other affordances help people with low vision and cognitive disabilities with cues so they don't have to read through each piece of text trying to figure out if it is actionable or not and doesn't require them to try and mouse over everything or tab to it to find out. While it is possible to apply custom CSS to buttons to in a browser to make all buttons appear actionable this is not always an option such as in mobile browsers and many users won't even know this is an option.


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From iOS 7 and onward Apple introduce buttons without any borders. The button only has a colour background with text. There is an accessibility feature when turned on provides a underline for the button to help a low vision user to know the it is a button if they cannot determine the colour. Android now apparently is also using this design style. Below is a graphic showing an example on what I am referring too:


Does anyone know how the above impacts users with colour blindness or low vision? Is there any stats indicating what type of impact the above has to users? As we are trying to identify if any extra accessibility consideration is required.

Note, We are aware the above could fail "Using only colour" SC but all the OS's are now using it, indicating either really bad practice or relying on assistive tech within the OS.