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Re: Digital accessibility in China, Hong-Kong, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan ?


From: glen walker
Date: Jan 24, 2020 9:39AM

> are [there] any incentive[s] to be accessible?

There are lots of reasons to be accessible that have nothing to do with
legal issues but it sounds like you want court cases? Starting a
conversation about why accessibility is important by citing legal reasons
is essentially using a fear tactic and fear has never been a great
motivator to do things.

Ignoring legal reasons for the moment, just a quick list of personal
incentives are:

- Allows an individual to be independent (can schedule their own medical
appointments, can read a restaurant menu, can plan a vacation, can order
books or clothes or whatever, etc)
- Allows an individual to further their education (register and attend
classes) which can improve career potential
- Allows an individual to continue in their current job (internal HR

From a business perspective

- Can increase your branding (an accessible website can spread by word
of mouth, as can an inaccessible website)
- Competitive advantage (an accessible website compared to a
competitor's non-accessible website)
- Disposable/discretionary income from potential customers (a person
with accessibility requirements has money that is as good as anyone else's)
- Well organized and semantic websites can have better search engine
results (SEO)

We could probably list a 100 reasons to be accessible that have nothing to
do with legal issues. The only reason we have court cases is because all
the other valid reasons weren't good enough to make changes, which is sad.