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Generating PDF's from HTML


From: Sudheer Babu
Date: Jan 29, 2020 4:04AM

Hi All,

We have a functionality where we generate PDF's using HTML code.
We have added all the necessary tags - alt, heading etc.
But, after the generation of the PDF, we see that the generated PDF shows
errors on missing alt and nested heading etc with full accessibility check
on adobe acrobat.

Can someone please help me understand how exactly this thing works in
generating tagged pdf's through html code and possible solutions/resources
for the same.

Also, the screen reader reads all the content in the PDF, but misses the
images alt text and announcement of the text as headings.

To be fully compliant with PDF's, do we need to resolve all the errors we
get in the accessibility full check in adobe acrobat ?

Thanks in advance!!