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JSGrids showing two tables - one for header and one for the details


From: Sudheer Babu
Date: Feb 8, 2020 12:18PM

Hi All,

We are having a table to validate for accessibility which is using jsgrids
and the table is announced as two tables one for the headers and one for
the data rows by the screen readers.

Can this pass on accessibility grounds?
does this indication of two tables confuse the user and also is there a way
we can get this compliant with minimal changes to the structure


2. Does every column value needs to be announced with the column name
Currently the screen reader reads "row 1, column 2 - <<cell value>>"

As I believe not all screen readers announce the column headers properly
like Chromevox.

Is this a hard rule for compliance? Please advise

Appreciate all the help this forum is providing, thanks in advance!