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Title attribute on images?


From: Colleen Gratzer
Date: Feb 8, 2020 1:12PM

Hi, folks.

It's been my understanding that the title attribute should not be used
on important images, as it presents usability issues, especially if it's
just duplicating the Alt-text, and that it's not supported very well.

I've seen this recommendation to not use it from several well-known
accessibility experts. So that's always been my practice. When I've had
sites audited, I've never been told to include this either.

But I just came across a site (and then others I found searching for
that same text verbatim) that says:

"According to W3C Accessibility Guidelines, for code to be considered
W3C-valid, it is important to include both image alt text and image
title text in the image for important images on the page."

I have never heard this and cannot find anything supporting it. Which is

Thanks in advance.

Colleen Gratzer
Certified Branding Expert + Accessibility Specialist, Gratzer Graphics LLC
Design Mentor and Host of the Design Domination podcast