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Re: determining font size on native apps?


From: Jonathan Avila
Date: Feb 10, 2020 12:28PM

Yes, I would use a sample as well - -make sure you always compare on the same device being tested. So with the ideal viewport on a web page you should be able to create different font sizes and measure those either with a screen ruler app or physical ruler overlay on the device and then compare those to the text on the same device. For native apps Apple does provide some good details on font information if you know the built in styles are being used. You might also want to take note of any accessiblity setting like large text as this would impact physical or screen measurements. Use of the default might be best for that test.


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Thanks, Patrick. I was considering a "sample" webpage with various font sizes to do a comparison. Sounds like that's about as close as I can get.

I was going to eyeball it, but some customers want a little more documentation than my opinion about how big the font is. A comparison page should be sufficient.